Huckleberry Comes to Portland on August 16, 2014

Pop & Paint "popped" up at The Wine Cellar in Beaverton for a fun afternoon of painting and drinking some delicious wine!  Our very excited group painted a very colorful image that contained not only one of Portland's bridges but also a branch from a huckleberry plant.  This image was painted from the perspective that you're spending your day relaxing in your boat on the water.  Instructions were provided by our fun-loving, engaging, artist/instructor, Elizabeth Canup.  

Please enjoy the photos and take a look at how wonderful and unique everyone's paintings came out!  If you look closely you can see how some people painted boats in their image while others did a mirror image of the bridge.  That's the great thing about these events, you can create your own masterpiece to fit your tastes!

Thank you to everyone at The Wine Cellar, including the fantastic bar and wait staff!  You guys were awesome!

Please enjoy the photos and we'll see you at your next Pop & Paint event!