Uncorked Passions
Wine Country
4 Seasons
The Time Traveler
Call of the Wild
Dancing in the Rain
Child of Nature
Child of Nature (Spring)
Champagne Toast
Champaign Toast Abstract
The Silence or the Screamer
M'Lady (Abstract)
Goal Denied
Sail Away with Me
A Pretty Collection
Mystery Mask
Night Eyes
Blue Ringed Octopus
Painting up a Storm
(St Johns) Bridge and Wine
Stargazing (double)
Stargazing (Single)
Welcome to PDX
Happy Apple (Pie)
St. Pattys
The Gorge
Roses (& Hummingbird)
Blue Moon
Abstract Portal
Hiding Dragonfly
Huckleberry Comes to PDX
Ninja Training (with a dragon)
Playing Coy
Peeping Tom
Love Birds (Biking)
Spooky Night
4 Horses of Autumn
Which Way Snowman?
Its Wineter time in the City
Gemini Twins
Visions of Paris
Ode to Picassa
Clown School
Hot Air Balloon Festival
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