M'Lady on June 21, 2014

Today Pop & Paint "popped" up in the patio between Taste on 23rd, Goorin Brothers Hat Shop, and Zabic Stylehouse for our very first outdoor event of the year to paint a Portland image called M'Lady with instructions provided by Liz Canup.  This Movember inspired piece combined one of Portland's most famous landscapes (Mount Hood) with the classic styles of Goorin Brothers Hat Shop, and the fun quirky mustache styles that we see around our beloved city.   

During the event, we not only painted and enjoyed happy hour priced glasses of wine but we also had a hat fashion show (coordinated by Goorin Brothers Hat Shop) performed by the Portland's Beardsmen.  Every participant had a blast being creative and as you can see by the photos there were some very creative painters in this group!  Take a look through the photos and you'll be amazed at all of the wonderful paintings everyone created!  Did they go for the classic style or abstract piece?  

Sign up now for our next class and you can enjoy a unique, creative Pop & Paint event!