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Crater Lake @ Playdate PDX

Crater Lake @ Devil's Den on Wednesday, 11/8/17

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

@ Devil's Den (Alberta St)

Class will begin at 7:00pm.

Painting Note:  Join us as we teach you to paint this gorgeous Oregon scene which makes a great gift or perfect for hanging on your wall!

Venue Note:  Devil's Den located at 1520 NE Alberta has a selection of wine, mead, cider, and beer for you to choose from and enjoy while painting.  Devil's Den will be offering $1 off drinks happy hour style for the entire event to all Pop & Paint participants!  There is a minimum of one drink purchase (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) per painting participant.

Devil's Den is food friendly! Although there is no food served, you have plenty of options to grab a bite to eat, order to go, or bring food to the event.  Food carts are located conveniently across the street!  Come in early and feel free to ask Tommy (the owner of Devil's Den) about what's good in the area!  If you have food allergies, a specific diet, or just want bring some munchies from home, you are welcome to it!

Additional Notes:  

1.  This event is for 21 and over ONLY please.

2.  Parking can be found along Alberta St., NE 16th, NE Wygant, NE Summer, NE 14th Pl.  Please refrain from using the Co op grocery store parking lot.

3.  Please remember that class starts at 7:00pm.  If you are ordering food from a nearby restaurant/food cart, please arrive early to place your order so that you are back at Devil's Den ready to begin painting at 7:00pm.

4.  There is a one drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) minimum order per painting participant.  There is also a special combination deal where you can buy two painting seats and a bottle of wine to share while painting!

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