Bonsai Buddies @ Taste on 23rd on Wednesday, 8/9/17

Bonsai Trio.jpg
Bonsai Trio.jpg

Bonsai Buddies @ Taste on 23rd on Wednesday, 8/9/17


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Taste on NW 23rd (NW 23rd & Johnson St.)

Class begins at 6:00pm

Painting Note:  Join us as we teach you how to paint this calming piece displaying colorful bonsai trees in celebration of the Japanese Garden's new bonsai terrace.

Venue Notes:  Taste will be providing all painting participants with happy hour pricing on wine and 15% off all bottles.  We will set up the painting event outside on Taste's uncovered patio around back so that we may enjoy the sunlight during the summer months! If for any reason we have to cancel this event due to weather (for example it rains) you will have the option to either move your reservation to another scheduled event, receive a refund, or allow us to reschedule the event at Taste on a different night.

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 Elizabeth Canup is the instructor for the class.

Difficulty Level:  Advanced