Stargazing on February 14, 2015

Pop & Paint "popped" up at The Wine Cellar for a fun afternoon of painting.  Since it was Valentine's Day, we offered a painting class were couples could share the image where one person painted the left side of the image and the other person painted the right side.  Even though both images could stand alone, if placed together, it will form a larger image.  If you were there with a friend, you also had the option to paint the entire image yourself.  

The group painted a very colorful image featuring a couple cuddling under a blanket stargazing on top of a hill overlooking a city.  Instructions on how to paint this beautiful bridge were provided by Elizabeth Canup.  Every participant had a blast being creative and as you can see by the photos there were some very creative painters in this group!  Take a look through the photos and you'll be amazed at what they created!  

Sign up now for our next class and you can enjoy a unique, creative Pop & Paint event!