Harvest Picnic on August 7, 2014 (Second Event at 7:15pm)

Today Pop & Paint "popped" up at Trudy's Living Room in Wilsonville to participate in Trudy's own First Thursday festivities.  Not only did Trudy provide some Mexican food and drinks but Pop & Paint provided two painting events this evening with the first starting around 5pm with the second beginning slightly later around 7:15pm.  Both groups painted an image featuring a lovely picnic scene with a blanket, basket, and all sorts of goodies needed for a fantastic picnic.  Instructions were provided by our fun-loving Suzanne Olvey

Every painting participant had a blast being creative and as you can see by the photos there were some very creative painters in this group!  Take a look through the photos and you'll be amazed at what are group created!  

Sign up now for our next class and you can enjoy a unique, creative Pop & Paint event!