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You will receive promotional movie items (totes, bag tags, chapstick, etc..) and free movie tickets to the early screening of the latest thriller, The Girl On The Train on Tuesday, October 4, 2016!






Having A Party? We can help!

If you have a party or event where you think it would be fun for us to "pop" up into, let us know. We do private events and parties for anything from fundraising and corporate team buildings to birthday parties and showers.

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If you are looking for a creative activity, Pop & Paint is for you!

Our local boutique painting classes are "popping" up all around Portland to provide fun-filled instructions on how to paint the featured painting of the day. 

  • All art/painting supplies are provided for you
  • No artistic experience or background is needed
  • Our local artists will provide you with fun step-by-step instructions on how to create your own piece of art to take home
  • This is not your typical painting class, so be prepared to relax, socialize, and have fun

Purchase your seat today and join the painting party!! 


We have classes every week! Check out our calendar and upcoming classes below.

Painting at a winery in the SE for date night!  (Painting participants will receive free promotional items & movie passes!)

ONLY 10 seats left!!

Stargazing @ Hip Chicks do Wine on Friday, 9/30/16

Friday, September 30th

@  Hip Chicks Do Wine (SE 23rd)

Class starts at 6:00pm

Painting Note:  To see the full image, please click on the painting to expand it.

Join us as we teach you to paint this fantastic starry night image!  There are so many options for this beautiful painting!  The price of the event is per person.

1)  If you and your partner are having a date night, then you can decide which one is painting which half of the image. When each half is placed together, it makes the complete image! What a fun activity to do with your partner?? Plus, it would even make a great wall decoration! 

2)  No worries if you are attending solo, this image has been developed to where you can pick either half to paint OR you can customize it where items from each half are in your painting!

Venue Note:  Hip Chicks will be providing all painting participants with happy hour!

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Painting at a winery in the SE !

ONLY 9 seats left!!

Playing Coy @ Hip Chicks Do Wine on Sunday, 10/9/16

Sunday, October 9, 2016

@ Hip Chicks Do Wine (SE 23rd)

Class starts at 3:00pm.

Painting Notes:  Join us as we teach you to paint this cool abstract water piece featuring some bright and colorful koi fish!

Venue Notes:  Hip Chicks will be providing all painting participants with happy hour!


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NEW LOCATION: Painting at a wine bar in the NE!

ONLY 12 seats left!!

Blue Moon over Mount Hood @ Every Day Wine (soon to be Devil's Den) on Friday, 10/14/16

Friday, October 14, 2016

@ Every Day Wine (soon to be Devil's Den) (NE Alberta St.)

Class starts at 7:00pm

Painting Notes:  Join us as we teach you to paint this beautiful image of Mount Hood at dusk featuring a blue moon!  You can decide how bright and colorful you decide to make your masterpiece.

Venue Notes:  Every Day Wine (soon to be Devil's Den) located at 1520 NE Alber has a selection of wine, mead, cider, and beer for you to choose from and enjoy while painting.  Devil's Den will be offering $1 off drinks happy hour style for the entire event to all Pop & Paint participants!  

Every Day Wine (soon to be Devil's Den) is food friendly! Although there is no food served, you have plenty of options to grab a bite to eat, order to go, or bring food to the event.  Food carts are located conveniently across the street!  Come in early and feel free to ask Tommy (the owner of Devil's Den) about what's good in the area!  If you have food allergies, a specific diet, or just want bring some munchies from home, you are welcome to it!

Additional Notes:  

1.  This event is for 21 and over ONLY please.

2.  Parking can be found along Alberta St., NE 16th, NE Wygant, NE Summer, NE 14th Pl.  Please refrain from using the Co op grocery store parking lot.

3.  Please remember that class starts at 7:00pm.  If you are ordering food from a nearby restaurant/food cart, please arrive early to place your order so that you are back at Every Day Wine (soon to be Devil's Den) ready to begin painting at 7:00pm.

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