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If you are looking for a creative activity, Pop & Paint is for you!

Our local boutique painting classes are "popping" up all around Portland to provide fun-filled instructions on how to paint the featured painting of the day. 

  • All art/painting supplies are provided for you
  • No artistic experience or background is needed
  • Our local artists will provide you with fun step-by-step instructions on how to create your own piece of art to take home
  • This is not your typical painting class, so be prepared to relax, socialize, and have fun

Purchase your seat today and join the painting party!! 


We have classes every week! Check out our calendar and upcoming classes below.

Painting while being pampered (free facials) on NW 23rd!!

ONLY 5 seats left!

(Paint & Pamper Event) Harvest Moon @ Kiehl's on NW 23rd on Friday, 10/24/14
32.00 37.00

Friday, October 24th

@ Kiehl's on NW 23rd (on NW 23rd between NW Irving & NW Johnson)

Class starts at 6:00pm  

Painting Notes:  Join us as we teach you this fantastic colorful fall nature scene that incorporates a pumpkin patch to get us ready for picking and carving those cool pumpkins in time for Halloween!  We encourage you to let your creativity flow by changing up the colors in the background...what about a nighttime scene?

Venue Notes:  In the spirit of Halloween, let's TREAT (not trick) ourselves by getting pampered!!  This event will begin an hour before Kiehl's on NW 23rd closes for the day.  We'll continue to stay after the store closes to enjoy painting instructions as Kiehl's will be providing complimentary refreshments and facials for all Pop & Paint participants to make this a memorable event!  So join us as we relax by painting (with some tasty refreshments) and getting pampered!!  

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Painting in a wine bar/art gallery in the pearl!!

ONLY 9 seat left!

Night Eyes @ Cerulean Skies Winery on Saturday, 10/25/14
32.00 37.00

Saturday, October 25th

@ Cerulean Skies Winery (NW 15th & Marshall)

Class starts @ 3:00pm

Painting Notes:  Join us as we teach you to how to paint these bright-eyed birds as we enjoy the Fall almost Halloween season!  We do encourage you to make this you own, feel free to paint only one own instead of two or mix up the colors a bit with the help of our instructors!  

Venue Notes:  Cerulean Skies Winery will be offering Happy Hour to all painting participants!

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Painting in a pub in Hillsboro!!

ONLY 3 seat left!

Jelly Fish @ Social Lies Pub & Grill on Sunday, 10/26/14
32.00 37.00

Sunday, October 26th

@ Social Lies Pub & Grill (Hillsboro)

Class starts at 2:00pm.

Painting Notes:  Join us as we teach you to paint this colorful under the sea image featuring jelly fish!

Venue Notes:  Social Lies will be offering happy hour for painting participants!

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