Interested in having a creative painting event with your friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances?  

Personal or Corporate private painting events near Portland, Oregon. Parties, Socials, Team Building, Festivals, and more.  Choose one of our three class styles below to get started on your amazing painting experience. If you aren't sure which style will be best for your group, just fill out this form and we will reach out to help find the right fit. Regardless of what style you choose, our team will work closely with you to make sure it is absolutely perfect!

Classic Painting Class

Our Classic option is where everyone is taught how to paint the same image on a 16x20 canvas over 2-3 hours. Our class sizes can range from 10 to 50 people, but we always have at least 1 staff member for every 10 painters. For your painting, you can choose a painting from our gallery or we can work with you to create a custom image for an additional $30.  The Classic is a lot of fun for all involved and although everyone is painting the same image, with the help of our artists each painting takes on the personality of the individual painting it. This helps accentuate each persons differences in accomplishing the same goal. CLICK HERE to get more information on doing a Classic Painting Class!

Puzzle Piece Painting

The Puzzle Piece option is focused on accentuating individuality while working as a team to build something great. We work with you to create a large mural specific to your team and their goals, but secret from the actual participants. This mural is divided up into 8x10 canvases which will work like a giant puzzle.  During the class, each team member will be assigned one of the pieces and, with the assistance of an artist, create their version of the individual piece. After all pieces are completed, everybody will work together to assemble the puzzle. By not knowing the final image, it encourages the team to work together and see how their individual efforts work together to form a larger solution.  Afterwards, the finished mural can be put up in your office to remind the team how their differences can work together to create something bigger and stronger. Our class sizes can range from 15 - 50 people for this option, and we require at least 3 artists to make sure that each participant has sufficient assistance. CLICK HERE to get more information on doing a Puzzle Piece Painting.

Rotating Painting Event

The Rotating Painting Events allow a large number of participants to create smaller paintings in mini painting sessions. For this option, we use 8x10 canvases with 5-7 painters per 30 minute session.  This arrangement allows everyone to participate by joining one of the multiple painting sessions, instead of everybody painting together.  The advantage is that when a participant isn't in the painting session, they are free to socialize and do other activities at the event. This provides an intimate painting experience for a large number of participants. Because of the nature of the Rotating Painting Events, the number of participants is entirely dependent on the amount of time available. CLICK HERE to get more information about Rotating Painting Events!

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