Child of Nature (Spring Version) on March 21, 2018

Pop & Paint "popped" up at Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wine Co. to teach a wonderful group of people how to paint a very colorful Springtime image of a girl swinging!  Instructions were provided by our fun and wacky artist, Elizabeth Canup.  We wanted to give a special thanks to our hosts at Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wine Co. for allowing Pop & Paint to come in and provide a wonderful painting experience to everyone who attended!

Every participant had a blast being creative and as you can see by the photos.  There were laughs, jokes, and awesome comments made throughout the class!  Take a look through the photos and enjoy looking at these creative masterpieces that everyone created!  

Whether its your 1st or 50th class with Pop & Paint, click here to sign up for your next painting class!