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Elizabeth Canup

Liz is a freelance artist that has crash landed into one medium after another. She has dabbled with philosophical illustrations, whimsical murals in classrooms, caricatures at carnivals, and airbrushing on the run to name a few. Her ideas have also been found in the last minute adjustments of construction project(s), and include the build out of an office, landscaping, and interior design projects. Her roaming passions involve metal sculpture, body modification, and of course paint slinging by candle light. Liz considers herself a hack at life, and delights in showing others how to get behind the looking glass.

As can be gathered by her childlike attention span she has a pension for the fantastical, and revealing what can not be readily seen. She takes inspiration from the world around her, and the curve ball life likes to throw around street corners. Her absurdest humor is found throughout her subject matter, and pretty much anything she does is the butt of some joke. Laughter is the spice of life, and nothing is taboo to her attention. Except dragons, Liz is obsessed with dragons. Speak to her at your own peril of dragons.

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