Private Painting Party for Travel Oregon on February 23, 2017

Pop & Paint "popped" up at Travel Oregon for a fun afternoon of painting not only one image but two!  The group selected two images (Blue Moon over Mount Hood and The Coast) and allowed each person to decide which image they wanted to paint!  Each painting class was in a different area of their office and the middle space was filled with refreshments.  Each class laughed, ate, drank, and at some point went to check on the other class.  Everyone had a blast being creative and they all walked away with a masterpiece they created themselves!  Instructions were provided by our wonderful artists, Elizabeth Canup (Blue Moon over Mount Hood) & Suzanne Olvey (The Coast).  A special thanks goes out to our hosts, Travel Oregon, who invited Pop & Paint into their work place so that we could provide their staff with a wonderful painting experience!  Take a look through the photos and you'll be amazed at what they created!  

For more information on hosting your own private painting party, please email us at or call us at (503) 893-8767!

Blue Moon Over Mount Hood

The Coast

All together